AlMaghrib Institute is proud to celebrate its 10th year servicing knowledge, delivering it to thousands of students all over the Western world. This year has been one of gratitude, as we stand and recount the blessings of Allah on this institute, its instructors and students. We have come so long since our first year, celebrating over 60,000 unique students worldwide, over 17 world class instructors, including our first instructor who began his journey with us as a student 10 years ago. We thank Allah by continuing to push further and by striving to bring even more benefit to more communities. And with this, we have an exciting announcement to present....

Introducing OneLink..

For over a decade AlMaghrib Institute has provided seminars in the Islamic sciences in the format of double or single weekend seminars. Though met with great success, the module has its limitations in the specialties that can be taught and the communities that can be reached. For this purpose, this year in sha Allah we will be launching a new initiative called OneLink,which will revolve around specialty courses that will be taught by AlMaghrib Instructors, AlMaghrib Institute graduates/senior students, and specialists. OneLink programs will not be limited to the weekend format and can be taught in times ranging from a few hours to an entire day, as such it will be able to be sustained by even the smallest of communities and groups, expanding our potential outreach manifold.


  • Farhan Abdul Azeez

    Farhan Abdul Azeez was born and raised in Michigan. His passion for Islam led him to study Arabic and Tajweed during the summer of 2004 in Egypt. He is an avid student with AlMaghrib Institute, having taken classes with them since 2004. Farhan has also studied extensively with Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan, Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda, and others at the Bayyinah Dream program, wherein he graduated and earned a diploma in the Arabic language.

    Farhan completed his undergraduate studies from Michigan State University (MSU) in 2006, graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Human Biology. During his time there, he served as Public Relations head and later President of the Muslim Students Association. He also went to medical school at MSU, graduating from Michigan State University's College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2012. He currently is a medical resident specializing in Emergency Medicine.

    Due to his love of cats, some of his friends have dubbed him "Abu Hurairah."

  • Majed Mahmoud

    Majed was born in Saudi Arabia where he studied the basics of tawheed, fiqh, tafsir, hadith & tajweed for 9 years which was part of the Saudi school curriculum. He immigrated to Canada during high school. He then graduated from the University of Windsor with a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. Afterwards, Majed graduated from Wayne State University with a masters degree in Business Administration. During this period he took over 40 courses with Al-Maghrib Institute & a few courses of tajweed & tafsir with Al-Bayyinah Institute. He currently works as a Mechanical Engineer and conducts Islamic lectures locally and internationally. Recently, Majed completed a program with Huda TV on Allah’s beautiful names which aired in Ramadan 2013.

  • Ammar AlShukry

    From Queens, NY Ammar has been taking AlMaghrib courses since 2005. Since then he has been active in the tri-state area giving classes in theology, tafseer, fiqh and history while continuing to seek benefit from the people of knowledge that he is exposed to. A poet with a love of making translations come to life, he has published an abridged translation of the Diwan (collection) of Imam AlShafi’ee and maintains the website IamAmmar.com, a site that carries his translations as well as original works.

  • Boonaa Mohammed

    Dubbed the “voice of a generation,” Boonaa Mohammed is a critically acclaimed award winning writer and performer with accolades including a playwright residency at Theatre Passe Muraille, a short story published in a Penguin Canada anthology called “Piece by Piece” and various slam poetry titles credits including winner of the 2007 CBC Poetry Face-Off “Best New Artist” award.

    His popular Youtube videos have received Millions of views to date, and as an Artist he has toured and traveled across the world, speaking alongside some of the most influential scholars and entertainers of our time. He frequently conducts writing workshops and seminars, sharing his experience and expertise in Spoken Word story-telling with mainly youth from all walks of life..


I look at Salah from a different perspective, now that i've watched the entire series on Sweetness of Salah! #ihsanfusion It has Changed my prayer! ALHAMDULILLAH!

I pray that Allah(SWT) rewards you and everyone who was a part of it with the highest rank in Jannah! Ameeen! Once again JazakAllah hu Khair ya akhi! Brilliant and awesome work! #AmazingSeries!" - Samia Eijaz

AlHamdulillah, I wanted to thank you and Ihsaan Fusion for the amazing Sweetness of Salah video series for those who do not thank the people, do not thank Allah. Wallahi, it has benefited me so much! I make dua that Allah swt, Al-Muhsee, rewards you and the organizers of this seminar for all your hard work, may He give you equal share in anything good that comes from it by those who benefited from these talks, may He grant you and your family the best in this dunya and the highest place in Jannat alFirdaus, Ameen ya Rabb al Alameen! May He swt also allow us all to not just get a temporary iman rush from these videos but to grant us the tawfiq of implementing what we learned in our salah every single day and bless us with the coolness of khushoo, Ameen. Insha'Allah looking forward to more projects like this one in the future!
Amazing lecture on "Sweetness of Salah." It was the best day of summer so far for our entire family. Amazingly powerful, MashALLAH!


Blog 03

Manners Crisis

Majed Mahmoud Courses

The last & final messenger – salla Allahu alayhe wa sallam- summarized his entire mission into a single concept when he said,

“I have only been sent to perfect good character.”

The most beloved slaves to Allah are those with good character. The heaviest thing on the Day of Judgment on the scales is good character. The crisis that we are facing is much more than a financial, educational or political crisis. Rather, what’s bigger than all of that is the crisis of character and manners that the world is facing.

What is this course about?

This course presents the importance of seeking good character and clears the misconception of separating between good mannerism and acts of worship. In addition, it provides evidence and practical lessons on how a person can improve his or her character. The prophet commanded us to have good character and Allah told us that He will not assign us things that we can’t bear. Perfecting one’s good manners towards Allah & the people is a life long journey that never comes to an end.

Quranic Stories Course:

Out of the billions of stories and events that Allah witnessed from His creation He chose a very few of them to be mentioned in the Quran. More than 1/3 of the Quran consists of stories, history & tales. Allah, The All-Wise, through these truthful stories allows the Quran to be applicable for every time and age. This course discusses several stories from the Quran which when summed up targets all aspects of one’s life and provides practical solutions for most of their problems. In addition, it drives towards strengthening one’s relationship with the Quran regardless of the language barrier. Nothing beats a beautiful, true, practical, eloquent story that is narrated by Allah.

If friendship, brotherhood and loved ones were all redefined to “people you make du’a for”

Blog 03

Ammar AlShukry Courses

The Beloved
Her name -Amina, meant safe and secure, Like her city, by day and by night, Her people though were in darkness, They could hardly see the light, A young bride with child, Her pregnancy was light, When she gave birth to her son, All she could see was light..

He was the man who illuminated a world that had darkened, the beloved of the most Merciful and pinnacle of human perfection. To know the messenger sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam is to love him. And loving him is a pillar of our faith as well as the completion of it.
“None of you truly believes until I become more beloved to them than their parents and children and all of mankind.” (Bukhari)

Course Description

The description of the messenger sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam The physical qualities and legislation that are peculiar only to the messenger sal Allahu alayhi wa salam and not the rest of his ummah. Case studies in his mercy, justice and humility.

You will benefit

A deeper knowledge and appreciation of the excellence of character of rasul Allah sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam -Increased trust and conviction that he was nothing less than a messenger of God

Eternal Eloquence

Think about this, Allah knew that out of the entire Quran, the surah’s that would be the most well known were the concise ones right? Like, not everyone was going to memorize surat Hood, and Surat Al-Anbiya, but Allah knew that ALL Muslims were going to know Qul huwwa Allahu Ahad, and Surat Al-Zalzalah..you know the concise ones, and lets be honest, those are the one’s that we were going to repeat in prayer, again and again and again. So the ...question is, how rich in meaning, and how deep, would those concise surahs be? If they’re the ones that Allah knew the Ummah would recite over and over again, they have got to be the one’s with POWEFUL messages and INCREDIBLE depth right? Eternal Eloquence is a study of the meanings of the most oft repeated chapters of the final revelation of God to mankind.

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Sweatness of Salah

Sweatness of Hajj

Farhan Abdul Azeez

Sweatness Of Salah

"Successful indeed are the believers. Those who are humble (have Khushoo) in their prayers." [Al-Mu'minoon, 23:1-2]
Salah is a ritual that has been performed not only by the Muslims of today, but by the earliest generations as well. It is so important that, five times a day, we stop everything we are doing and take out time to focus on Allah SWT. But how much do we truly get out of our prayer? Do we feel something in our hearts when the Adhan is called, the moment we say "Allahu Akbar", while reciting Qur'an, or in the seated position between the two prostrations? Salah is not limited to just physical movements. Rather, it is a spiritual experience, one which every step should strengthen and rejuvenate our faith. "And the coolness of my eyes has been made in the Prayer" - Prophet Muhammad, salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam Sweetness of Salah is a seminar dedicated to understanding the spiritual dimensions of Prayer. We will cover every step of prayer, focusing on the inner meanings behind what is said and done. As we journey through the prayer, you will find that each step has a unique sweetness that will leave you longing for more. By the end of this seminar, InshaAllah you will look forward to each prayer and experience Salah like never before.
"Never has the time for prayer come except that I have been longing for it." - Adiy ibn Haatim, rahimahu Allah

Sweatness Of Hajj

Hajj is a pillar of Islam, one of the basics upon which the whole religion is built. Without the foundation, there is no building. Yet, here is a question for you... why is Hajj a core part of the basis of this religion, yet, millions of Muslims have never gone to Hajj before and never will? How can that be? Well, part of the answer is that Hajj is not just for the Hujjaj. There are countless lessons Hajj teaches us to live by, whether you have gone before or not. As Allah SWTA says, after commanding Ibrahim (AS) to make the call to Hajj to mankind,
"so that they may witness benefits that are theirs..." [Hajj, 22:28].
This seminar is for EVERYONE and not just those going to Hajj. You will learn basic information about Hajj that is obligatory for every Muslim to know - it is after all a pillar of Islam! - but beyond that, Insha'Allah it will be a life changing experience to help you live with the spirit of someone who has gone to Hajj, even if you have never gone before. For the Hujjaj themselves, they will find this course to be a unique blend of practical tips, Fiqh requirements, and spiritual insights that are not found in other Hajj seminars that will help them truly taste the sweetness of Hajj.

We will travel in the footsteps of the Hujjaj as they journey through Pilgrimage of Hajj. With every step along the way, we will stop and explore the history and inner meanings behind every act of worship that is done, drawing lessons relevant and applicable to our every day lives. Whether you are going to Hajj this year or have never gone before, this seminar will take you on a transformational journey that will help revive your heart and strengthen your soul Insha'Allah. Don't miss out.


"As I prepared for Hajj, I wanted to make sure I was in the right frame of mind. I didn't want to be a person going through the motions just to fulfil a religious obligation. I wanted a meaningful Hajj. One that would cleanse my soul. One that would grant me a new understanding of life, death, and my Creator as a whole. How to worship Him and how He should be feared. I yearned for Hajj to be a turning point in my life. I read books and listened to different speakers in preparation for Hajj, none more than Farhan Abdul Azeez's "Sweetness of Hajj". It gave me a deeper understanding of the history of the Pilgrimage to Makkah and the mindset that a pilgrim should have during his/her Hajj. Farhan goes through each day, each step, in great detail that will have you eagerly anticipating your chance to complete your Hajj. The heart will be awake while listening to "Sweetness of Hajj". May Allah bless Farhan and everyone who helped him compile this series of lectures. By the will of Allah, many people will benefit from the Sweetness of Hajj like my family and I did." - Husain Abdullah, USA, NFL Player for the Kansas City Cheifs
"Absolute best hajj series I've ever heard. Beneficial for anyone and everyone, regardless how many times you've gone for hajj. Extremely concise and engaging. Really has the potential to soften the heart and mentally and spiritually prepare oneself. No other hajj lecture/seminar has done such a thorough and clear job of explaining each step of the journey." - Fatima Dhanani, USA



Who is OneLink for?

Whether you are an average Muslim seeking to increase your faith, a new Muslim or from any kind of faith wanting to learn about Islam, OneLink is for you!


How do I set up a OneLink event in my community?

You can set up an event by filling out the form at onelink.org


Can events be hosted by masjids or an organization?

The module for OneLink was intentionally made flexible to service the greatest numbers of communities possible. The answer is YES.


Who are its presenters?

Our OneLink presenters are a mix of AlMaghrib Institute senior students and graduates, specialists and activists. You can check out their profiles at onelink.org/presenters


What is the format of a OneLink event?

The events vary from 2 to 8 hour workshops. Activities and timings will vary from one event to another and so be sure to see the description of each title for details.